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Constellate: (kŏn′stə-lāt′) vb. 1) to form or cause to form into a cluster or group; gather together. 2) to cluster together, as stars in a constellation. From late Latin constellatus: con-‘together’ + stellatus ‘like a star’.

We Professionalize the Partnership Process

Constellate Global is a new kind of company, designed from the ground up to provide the services and assets to enable multi-stakeholder collaborations and partnerships to deliver to their full potential.

Constellate is a partnership broker, consultancy and think tank that creates, implements and advises multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations to enable a sustainable tomorrow. Our mission is to help corporations, governments and civil society meet their sustainability goals through “Constellation” partnerships that make better use of resources through increased collaboration.

Here at Constellate, we adhere to the belief that successful partnering requires shared discretion, collaborative decision-making, and distributed accountability. We refer to partnerships that are interesting both for the public good they try to achieve and for the complexity they engender as “Constellations”, defined as unique partnerships seeking to address particularly complex issues with multiple stakeholders to deliver a more sustainable future. We can help you design, build and implement the right Constellation for you to to maximize your impact.

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A Partnership Broker

When you enter into a partnership or collaboration to address complex or systematic challenges, you want to optimize your resources while having the biggest impact. Constellate will help you understand and communicate your desired outcomes, design a thorough stakeholder mapping, and then find and manage key relationships with the right collaborators. By brokering and managing your partnerships with Constellate, you can focus on what you do best, and let us manage the partnership process.

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An Advisor and Mediator

At Constellate we have assembled a toolbox specialized in building, maintaining and fine tuning partnerships with the objective of creating value through effectiveness and efficiency. We can help you create or fine tune your partnership through holistic solutions tailored specifically to the complexities that come with collaboration on complex issues. We will help you understand and increase the value of your collaboration through strategic planning, facilitation of partner engagement, and independent review of your partnership.

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A Thought Leader

Because the domain of multi-stakeholder collaboration is evolving rapidly, there is a need for constant research to understand the practical implications of the latest partnership trends and tools. We work in partnership with several thought leaders in this space, including the Partnership Brokers Association, the Geneva PPP Research Center and the Partnering Alliance. We are constantly learning and sharing through our active engagement with practitioners from companies, NGOs and donors around the world.


Constellate is still small, but is not afraid of big ambitions. Constallate was founded by Randall Krantz to fulfill the need of maximizing the effectiveness of partnerships and collaborative projects in the environmental space.

Our Team

Randall Krantz: Founder and Principal

Randall Krantz is an expert on the multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaboration processes for a more sustainable world. Following a decade in the private sector with General Electric and a London-based energy startup, Randall joined the World Economic Forum and has spent the last 10 years working with business, government and civil society to create partnerships in the environment and sustainable development domains.

From 2005-2012, Randall worked at the World Economic Forum, where he started up the Forum’s Climate Change Initiative and later started and became Director of the Sustainability Initiative. Seizing a unique opportunity, Randall then relocated to the Kingdom of Bhutan to advise the Royal Government on sustainable competitiveness ‘guided by the principles of Gross National Happiness’. While addressing development challenges, Randall laid the foundations for the Better Business Council, the nation’s first multi-stakeholder collaborative partnership to engage with the private sector.

Randall has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and was a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum. He is a member of the Steering Committee of The Partnering Alliance and is on the Program Advisory Committee for the Clinton Global Initiative.

Cathrine Russ: Associate

Catherine Russ is an accredited partnership broker and facilitator. She has worked in senior and advisory roles in the humanitarian and development sectors for Save the Children, ELRHA and RedR. Most recently, as Head of Learning and Development at Save the Children she was involved in setting up the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, a cross-sector collaborative initiative.

Catherine’s learning and development work goes back over 15 years and includes strategy development, facilitation and assessment of humanitarian training programmes in countries such as Sri Lanka, Sudan, Pakistan, Chad and Haiti. She has overseen the development and assessment of trainers and facilitated on numerous training programmes. Her Partnership Brokering work has led her to most recently specialise on partnerships and consortia work and supporting groups to develop skills and tools to maximise collaboration. She holds an MSc in Adult Education and Training.

Trip Allport: Associate

Trip Allport is the founder and director of 3 Degrees Ventures, which focuses on early-stage concept development, and partnership brokering & management.  His passion is in harnessing the power of the private sector to drive impact in international development through cross-sector partnerships with governments and civil society.  Prior to starting his own venture, Trip was a strategy consultant with Accenture for more than 10 years, and had helped build and grow Accenture Development Partnerships, Accenture’s not-for-profit, international development arm in Africa.

Trip is currently supporting a number of leading organizations to develop and scale transformational ventures that have the potential to create significant and lasting impact.  These include The Health Enablement & Learning Platform, a partnership of Vodafone, M-Pesa Foundation, Accenture, and AMREF Health Africa; and Project Last Mile, a partnership of Coca-Cola, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Global Fund, USAID and Yale University. Trip is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and travels extensively across Africa.


How We Do What We Do

Partnerships have the potential to offer solutions that no one organization can provide. Picking the right partners is critical for the success of any partnership. For example, of the thousands of commitments made through the Clinton Global Initiative, 90% use partnerships to deliver on their objectives, but only a small percentage of these partnerships meet their potential.

Much like the relationship between rock climbing partners, there is a need for shared trust, collaborative decision-making and collective accountability. Partners will share the responsibility of leading and provide provide support for each other throughout the journey, holding themselves and each other accountable for their complementary responsibilities.

Set Goals

Before diving in to a partnership, Constellate will help you understand your goals and the desired outcomes for the partnership. We will work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your own organization’s ability to deliver on those goals. Based on your own ability to deliver, we will help identify partners and funders based on gaps in knowledge, skills, expertise or funding.

Broker Partnership

Constellate will work with you to develop a specific set of criteria for screening and selecting partners. We will work with your team to identify and prioritize partner candidates by assessing cultural fit, alignment of interests, and assessment of risk profiles. For existing partnerships, we can assess current partners and suggest new ones to ensure that your objectives will be met.

Measure Impact

By using quantitative metrics and data science combined with qualitative assessment tools, we will help you maximize the impact that you can expect to see on the ground. A stronger partnership will bring better project delivery, and Constellate will help you measure the health and impact of your partnerships by working with you and your partners throughout the partnership process.

Improve Effectiveness

Understanding your impact is most useful when it helps you be more effective in your partnerships. Constellate will help you understand value delivered and how to fine tune for more effective partnerships with quantitatively better outcomes. Ultimately, more effective partnerships will have more success, as well as happier of funders, partners and stakeholders.

Our Growing Portfolio

Constellate is still in startup mode, but we have been working with some of the biggest partnerships in the environment and humanitarian landscape. Check back here soon and we’ll keep you updates of our latest partners, collaborators and success stories.


Thought Pieces

Follow along to learn what is going on at the cutting edge of partnership implementation, in theory and in practice. Our blog hosts both new thought pieces from the team at Constellate, as well as commentary on what is happening in the domain of multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaboration.

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